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This site is the official online community for the House of Netjer. The House of Netjer is the primary (and only) Temple in the Kemetic Orthodox Religion.

In addition to serving our members, we provide a public discussion space and information for all those who are interested in the Kemetic gods and our religion.

If you are interested in learning more about our religion and practice, please consider reviewing our material at What is Kemetic Orthodoxy? | Kemet.org and signing up for our free Beginners’ Course.

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The Docs section of the site provides links to many helpful posts with information about how to use this site, our organization’s bylaws, and everything in-between.

The website how-to docs contain important information on how to use this site.

New Features

This site is the new central home for all community content and information in the House of Netjer temple. Some of our new features are listed here. Do note that many of these links are only accessible if you are logged in.

  • One account and website for all Kemetic Orthodoxy and House of Netjer members content.
  • Simplified categories and organization of information using tags.
  • Searching for things actually works!
  • Ability to upload images, songs, documents, and more!
  • Upgraded and centralized user directory listing and user map (must be logged in to access)