How the forum is organized

Conversations are organized as follows:



The category list page (which is our default home page) contains a listing of all forum categories which you have access to. Each category has an accompanying description and “About” post pinned in that category to tell you more about it. Categories are all very broad groupings of topics.


Some categories may contain sub-categories. These are more refined groupings of topics with a more narrow focus.


All posts can be tagged with one or more tags. These tags allow people to view topics that have a given tag across all categories or within a single category. For example, if you were to select the “Bast” tag on our home page, you can see all topics across all categories that are tagged with “Bast”. Please see the topic on tagging your topics for more information.


A topic is a conversation made up of Posts. Each topic must reside in a single category or sub-category. The topic may or may not have tags associated with it. The page you are reading right now is a Topic with only a single post. This topic is in the #temple-announcements-public:public-documents sub-category and is tagged with website-how-to.


An individual entry in a topic.