Tagging Topics

Tagging your Topics

When creating a new topic, you have the option to add tags. These tags can help people find related content.

For example, if you are writing a topic about one of the Gods, you might tag it with the name of that god, such as “Ra”. Then, others can view all topics that are tagged with that God’s name and find all content related to Them.

Tags are meant to be very broad and generic. For example, if you were tagging uploaded music, it should be tagged as “music” along with whatever God(s) are mentioned (if any). It should not be tagged with the specific type of music such as “hymn” or other more specific descriptors.

Some categories have additional guidance for what tags should be used within them. Please review the “About the [category] category” post in each category for more information.

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To update tags on an existing topic

  1. Navigate to your existing topic, then click the “pencil” icon next to the topic title
  2. Click on the existing tags or click where it notes “optional tags” and add tags to your topic. Be sure to click the “checkmark” to save your changes!