House of Netjer Community Rules

The House of Netjer Forum and Official House of Netjer Discord server are intended for guests, Beginners, and members of the House of Netjer. (Note that guests cannot access the Discord server at this time). As such, we expect everyone to follow the rules of the respective social media platforms, as well as the bylaws of the House of Netjer, found here.

Please read the following rules for using the Forum and Discord server. Note that you will need to acknowledge that you have reviewed these rules before being admitted to member channels on the House Discord server and member Private areas (Forums). Both the Forums and Discord server are moderated by Temple Moderator staff who regularly review posts and channel topic discussions, and enforce the rules. Use of the Forums and Discord server are a benefit and privilege of House of Netjer membership, subject to review by Temple leadership. By using either the forums or the Official House of Netjer Discord, you agree to all of these rules.

1) Please respect your fellow Discord and Forum members. Do not purposefully provoke, intimidate, or upset other members. For Discord members, if a content warning is requested, please use spoiler tags by surrounding the text with ||. Images that require Content Warnings can be labeled CW: Food (as an example), with the two bars before and after the text or image you want to hide. Images requiring this process should not be used as Discord avatars. Please note: Content warnings are at the discretion of the general community as the need arises. Forum and Discord Moderators have authority to remove posts that are inappropriate, provocative, intimidating, upsetting, or otherwise disruptive, and where necessary, a warning and disciplinary process will be initiated. See Rule 14 below for more information.

2) Use appropriate language. Insults, name calling, use of offensive slang words, intolerance, or bigotry of any kind including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, etc. will not be tolerated. This also includes memes or images including such.

3) No Spamming. Any form of excessive message posting or voice chatter with the intent of stopping a conversation or flooding a space with content is not allowed. Please allow for appropriate time and space for everyone to engage in conversation.

4) Respect that this space is a space for spiritual discussion. Mature discussion about spiritual matters is allowed, but keep in mind that this is an all-ages space and (Discord only) use spoiler tags appropriately. Also keep in mind that others’ experiences may not be like yours, and have consideration for different viewpoints.

5) Keep the conversation on topic. For Discord users, casual chatter should be kept in #general, with discussion of a regional nature in its respective regional channel. For Forum users, keep casual chatter in Off Topic areas. Please refrain from using these spaces as a means of personally venting, with the exception of prayer requests in the Forum or #prayer requests on Discord, as well as general discussion of personal issues in #personal-support. All art posted in #kemetic-art (Discord) should be Kemetic in nature, non Kemetic art can be posted in #arts-and-crafts. If you have a question about where you can post something, or if it should be posted, contact a moderator.

6) Keep political talk general. General mentions of politics are acceptable, such as reminders in regional Discord channels on a voting day. However, discussions on particular candidates, political parties, or current representatives is not on topic for Discord or the Forums.

As a US based nonprofit organization, the House of Netjer must conform to US law, specifically, the Johnson Amendment, which means we are not allowed to advocate for or against any
candidates. As a result, we can not host discussions about political candidates or elections in any official Temple spaces, including the Official House of Netjer Forums, Official House of Netjer Discord server, House of Netjer IRC chat, House of Netjer Discord voice chats or messaging chats. This also includes the use of Zoom or other voice/video third party software that is being used for any House of Netjer purposes. The House of Netjer is a global organization and while the majority of our members live in the United States, this is not a US only or US favored space.

Consider this when discussing current events in general. In Discord, the channel to discuss current events is #current-world-affairs.

7) Linking to any harmful material, such as viruses, malware, illegal websites (Torrents/Warez) is not permitted on either the Forums or Discord. Any guest, Beginner, or member that is found to have done this will be subject to disciplinary processes and will lose their privileges to post on either the Forums or Discord.

8) Respect copyright. If uploading an image, please credit the original creator or artist. This can be found by using a reverse image search in most cases. Links to websites that distribute copyrighted material without permission from the original rights holders will be removed. If you quote or paraphrase the work of another person, whether that work is published or unpublished, please give credit and/or citation/URL.

9) Respect member privacy. Do not share other members’ details on either the Forums or Discord, even if that information is available within other House of Netjer websites. When sharing your own details, you may want to do so privately. Do not share any information about other members in other social media spaces. Do not use or download House of Netjer member information on a private/offsite website or blog, including but not limited to, names, divined names, locations, membership status, or other information. Discussions about other members is to be done privately. Failure to abide by this will result in disciplinary measures, including removal of privileges to post on the forums, Discord, or participate in Temple activities. In serious cases, revocation of Temple membership will occur.

10) Self promotion. Promotion of sales, commissions, Patreons, etc. is permitted only in #member-marketplace channel (Discord) or in the Member-Marketplace on the Forums. Sharing personal artwork that you have made that was commissioned by someone else is acceptable in the appropriate art channels #kemetic-art or #arts-and-crafts (Discord), but please do not include a link with posts in this space. Links go in the respective marketplace channels.

11) Discord Block function: If you no longer wish to view content from someone on the Discord platform, please use the Block function. That person’s messages will be hidden from your immediate view, and they will not be able to contact you privately. You are responsible to avoid showing messages again while you have a person blocked. Please note a person you have blocked may respond to or reference your public content; however, you will not see that text if you are following the above protocol.

12) Discussion of personal disagreements/disputes with other Temple members is explicitly prohibited on official House of Netjer spaces, including the forums or official House of Netjer Discord server; as well as House of Netjer IRC/House of Netjer Discord chat or messaging, including Zoom chats. You are requested to contact member issues if you have disagreements, disputes, or other issues with other Temple members.

13) Your continued use of the Discord server and/or Forums assumes agreement with, and to, these rules. If you disagree, please disconnect from them. It is a privilege, not a right, to use these spaces.

14) A member who is behaving inappropriately towards another member will receive informal warnings (such as modhats and sidebars), formal written warnings, and possible consequences following said behavior, with the understanding that we are volunteers, and it may take some time for a consequence to be determined while we consult with all available staff.

We understand moderation actions can trigger some uncertainty in the community, however we gently ask to refrain from publicly discussing these actions which can inflame a situation quickly. Instead, please reach out to our team directly on the forums, Discord, or via email at [email protected].

Possible actions include:

  • Modhat: a public, general warning to adjust behavior in a channel.

  • Mute (Discord, 10 minutes): a short-term temporary action against an individual for ignoring the terms of a Mod Hat.

  • Mute (Discord, 24 hours): a longer-term, temporary action if an individual ignores the original 10-minute mute or if a 24-hour mute is deemed otherwise necessary, which may also be accompanied by a formal written warning.

  • Slow Mode (Discord, Forums): Slow mode may be enabled where an issue arises in a discussion but the conversation is progressing too quickly to bring under control. Slow Mode will create a mandatory minimum time between posts and can be enabled on both Discord and the Forums. In some cases, channels or forums could have a permanent Slow Mode setting.

  • Deleting Posts (Discord, Forums): In rare cases, a post may be removed entirely. A modhat may accompany this action. Posts are only deleted as a safety action for the community in the event content warrants it (such as harassment, egregiously offensive content, or spam).

  • Closing Topics (Forums): a topic may be closed with a modhat in the event of an issue. The topic will remain visible, but new replies will not be permitted. A modhat will normally explain why the topic was closed. Closing topics can be temporary or permanent. In the event of a temporary closure, some posts may be removed before the post is re-opened.

Sidebar conversations (Discord) may also happen at any time. The channel #sidebar is only accessible when invited by a member of the moderator team. If you wish to speak to a moderator directly, please raise your hand in a public spot (@moderator) or DM a moderator you know; you will then receive an invite to this channel for discussion. If a moderator needs to speak with you, they will include you to this channel and ping you to let you know. In the event someone does not respond to a Sidebar conversation, written communication via email will be issued.

Formal action:

  • First Written warning: It is expected after such a warning is issued, the behavior generating the warning will not be repeated.

  • Second Written Warning: If inappropriate or problematic behavior continues, the second warning will be issued. It may be accompanied by a temporary and/or long-term ban from the House of Netjer social spaces (Discord and/or Forums).

  • Third Written Warning: May be accompanied by a long-term and/or permanent ban.

  • Bans: Temporary or permanent removal from the House of Netjer social spaces. In the event of an extreme situation, a temporary ban may in rare cases be issued immediately, which will be followed up with further written communication and review.

15) If you decide to leave the official House of Netjer Discord, you will not be permitted to re join until a waiting period of seven (7) calendar days has passed. Consider whether your needs might be better served by muting of channels or by changing notifications for channels. If you have any questions about how to mute channels, change notifications on channels, or anything else, please ask a Moderator.

Important Reminder:

The House of Netjer membership has members from multiple cultures and multiple countries across the world, where the language used in the channel or on a forum post may not be the mother tongue of the person posting. Members may not know the meaning of slang terms in a conversation, or understand the unique meanings of the same word, in another culture. Some members use an automated translation service to talk, which can take a little longer for translation or may not translate word for word. If you are uncertain about the language, tone, or intent of another member, please ask for clarification about a post or situation rather than assume ill intent or reacting as if it is ill-intentioned. If the situation continues, contact a Moderator.

Current Moderators

An up-to-date list of moderators can be found on the staff page.

Thank you for reading!