You deserve to be happy there.

I know that you and I never really saw eye to eye on most things. I still loved you even to the end in spite of everything. You and you alone gave me my whole universe when you gave birth to my babies. I want for you to be in the best place. Didn’t think you would pass through on your own so I prayed for someone to break through the gates slay that serpent and to let you in. I made my decree that judgement be stayed and you be given pardon. You were not treated with justice in life so let it be called time served. The tornados let me know that you got on the boat. I made a statue and still working on it. When I finish I will begin to sculpt your Ka statue in your likeness as I remember you as you were at your best and most beautiful and we will open your mouth. I will sculpt you a helper for every chore so you never be burdened. Find your rest on the beach of time love.

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