William Anthony Lacy, Sr.

My Dearest Son,

I miss you so very much. Today September 16 is your birthday. I was remembering your birth and all the thoughts I had as to whether you were a boy or girl and how happy I was to know that you were a boy. Your great grandmother foretold your coming and birth. I only got to see her once before she passed away, but she knew you were coming before I even knew.

Your brothers and sister all miss you very much, Johm having it the hardest because y’all were so close. Your kids are still here with Vicki, going to school with their cousins. They miss you a great deal and NyPre’ write poetry for you each day. They are having a hard time adjusting to your being gone, but I promise to give them all the love that you would give them and to see that they grow up civilized.

I think of you daily, the things we talked about, how you loved spaghetti and food in general, how fat you were as a baby, all of the beautiful memories. And I cry each day knowing I will never hear your voice or see your face. Who’s going to take care of me now that you are gone? I miss you! Mom

Hey Babyboy,

I miss you so much, hearing your voice, seeing your smile. It has been 4 years since you’ve been gone. Our family has slowly gone downhill since you and your aunt and Cedric left here. I’ve lost the House that I worked so hard for, my business of 12 years, it’s all gone.

Your sister is going thru financial issues that she created, George is always himself and John is struggling to try and support me and his family. Your cousins, Will and DeAnna are in bad shape as well. I have not heard from your children or their mother for quite awhile and I am worried about them. You have a grandson Jermal Hatton that is almost three years old, he was born the year after you passed on.

I could sure use your help in winning the lottery so I can help all of us. I would like to move to Joliet, IL. because I’m tired of being here. with you, Auntie Lorrie and Cedric gone, I have nobody to turn to or that understands how I feel. I am so lonely.

Please help me if you can to win the lottery, so that I can help all of us. I miss you and love you always.