Wayne "Pappy" Weedling

I would like to especially honor Wayne “Pappy” Weedling. He is my grandfather whom I loved dearly. He pasted to the west 11 years ago. He has presented himself to me since then. When times get hard for me, I hear his voice. He gives advice. At one particular time, I was going down a VERY dark road. I had just begun getting flashes of surpressed memories of my childhood. Horrifying memories. The only family member I could trust was dead. At that time I didn’t realize that his influence or guidance could still be sought out. I was falling deep into depression and with that I fell into drugs. I was literally suicidal. Then my grandfather jolted me back. I got a phone call. The phone literally rang and my deceased grandfather, Wayne Weedling, was on the other end. It made no sense to me. The voice was definately his though and they was he said my name…only HE said it like that. And the message…He said, “Please, don’t let your house burn down around you.” “Do you understand? I love you but I must go now. Remember this…” That was it and there I was confused and ashamed that even from beyond his rest my “Pappy” knew what hell I was inflicting upon myself. Because of his message, I went onto get counseling. Were it not for his invention, I quite possibly could have died prematurely. This is why I would like to thank him and give him honor. Thank you and Senebty.

Demagius (beginner)