Victoria Lynnette Lacy

My Dearest Daughter Victoria,

I want you to know that I miss you so very much. That I have always loved you regardless to anyuthing that was said or done. You were and always will be my heart. And with you gone I feel shattered, that a part of me is truly missing. I cry everyday when I think about you or I hear a song that we both liked. I have always wanted you to be at peace and happy with yourself and your life. I didn’t want you to leave me and the kids, but I didn’t want you to suffer anymore either. That’s why I prayed for your suffering to end and you be at peace. I didn’t want you to be in anymore pain or on the pain drugs, I didn’t want you to suffer anymore. I love you Vicki and I always will. In my heart I know that you are happy and at peace with your brother Bill, Aunt Lorrie, Uncle Brian, Queen, Cedric and all the rest of our family and friends… And I know that you are singing and laughing and enjoying yourself. I will see you again someday and we will have a glorious time together forever.

Your Mom Always,