To my Akhu

I am honestly not sure if my paternal grandma Linda is my Akhu yet, I’ve asked her to be (without a shrine…), but if she’s agreed to it, I cannot yet tell.

But here’s my letter to whoever my Akhu is, in two sections of possibility.

If it’s Grammy – I offer you symbolic (not physical) cool water and pray for your happiness in the afterlife. I ask that you impart upon me your wisdom, and I am genuinely sorry I didn’t get along with you much when you were alive. I was 13 when you passed on, and I regret not getting to know you better. I know you’re there for me – I’ve seen a sign of you once as a teen; even my dad and uncle present saw it – so I know I’m not alone. I hope you are proud of me, at least a little. I have grown much since I last met you in the flesh.

If it’s someone else – whoever you are, I offer you the same and pray for you the same. You are a mystery to me, but you’re a great person in one way or another. I’m certain. I hope you are proud of me, and it’ll take time to get to know you – even more time than it would take if you were my Grammy instead. Man. I am bad at this. I’m sorry, lol. But I respect you and venerate you, grandmother, or not.