To all those who lost the battle before they could get HRT...

I’m writing this for you. For all the people whose lives were cut short because of hateful individuals. Whose pain was too much. Who were unable to get help with anything regarding transition. I write this to you. I’m sorry you couldn’t get the help. I write this to all of you, to honour you and not just let you remain a statistic. You were all people with lives to live, with hopes, aspirations and dreams that were cut short.

I’m gonna admit, I got on the GIC waitlist a while back but it’s still 2 years and a half predicted time before I can get help. I’m scared. But I keep going, in the hopes of one day being able to feel like me. For all of you who were unable. To honour you all. I keep going and am dedicating my transition to those who were unable to.

Senebty for now, I love you all <3