Em hotep!

I mentioned in both the app for the Beginner Class, and in my Introductory post, that I am part of a VR Community that focuses on Social Work through the medium of VR. Primarily, this is a lot of help for depression, identity, transition, relationships, and so on. We’re building up towards the hope of being able to have actual Professional Therapists working with us to provide better for our community.

One of the main components of our group is Storytelling, or if you prefer/understand the term, Roleplaying. It’s centered in the 1920’s and we play the part of a Crime Syndicate. This relates mostly to our structure and how various affairs are handled, but the crime elements are strictly In Character (henceforth IC) and you’d be surprised how many people do crazy things their first event or two, then settle into more balanced behavior after they get that “rush of crime” out of their system.

I specifically am the Don, or in house we refer to me as the Asterism, of the Scions of the Fallen Stars. Our primary focus is on discovering things long forgotten, pasts and histories locked away, and basically learning as much as we can from the Stories that are written in the Stars. (Basically I liken it to Final Fantasy meets Indiana Jones with a splash of Metal Gear Solid, for reasons.) IC, we’re in the process of relocating to Egypt, specifically to work alongside a Cult of Truth, that is a not insignificant group in universe that revere Ma’at predominantly and the various Gods/Goddesses who strive to preserve it.

There are quite heavy fantasy elements in our roleplay, and the Kemet is no exception. In fact, the leader of the Cult (unsure of proper title) is Shanura (yes, my user/display name,) a mortal born daughter to Anubis and Neith. (She was never a Pharaoh, but has survived since the Old Kingdom thanks to her divine Akhu.) Further specifics aside, it is managing and writing for her, the cult, and the region that pushed me into further exploring Kemet to try and make things more authentic. What I’ve been learning took a while for me to find here, and to come to the decision that brought me here.

I guess the main things I want to know, concerning the above, is if I am being bad, or wrong, or disrespectful or what have you. As I learn more, and perhaps join this community in full, I would like to adjust things to be more respectful and accurate as time goes on, so that members who engage in the sections of the world I’m helping to create, can learn more fully and truthfully about Kemet and Ma’at and the like.

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I keep forgetting to name it, if you want to look into it more, possibly. We are the Mortisian Syndicate, operating primarily out of VRChat, we can also be found at The Mortisian Syndicate

I don’t think its disrespectful. There are so many spells for healing/protection/more that used storytelling elements from Ancient Egypt. Storytelling and myths are such a big part of our internal psyche that I think this is a great way to help people.

I can only speak for myself, but personally I love everything about this as a concept. I don’t find it disrespectful at all!

(Also hey, fellow RPer! o/)