The Wesir Sehtytaset


Remetj “WebenBanu” says:

The Wesir Sehytaset is known for her skill in magic, and also for her skill in networking between the living and their akhw. She would seem to be the best choice for issues involving heka, or the need for an intercessor to either get the attention of silent, unresponsive akhw, or to mediate between yourself and them. (Be aware that if you call on her services, you should take care to include her in your akhw shrine and give her her due)

Kai-Imakhu Sesha says:

I have found that all of the above is quite true. She enjoys attention, and loves talking with us – she is the only Shemsu of the House of Netjer who took the oath posthumously, if that tells you something. :slight_smile: She enjoys helping us and sharing her opinions. In talking to her I had said something about the meanings of the word akhu, “shining” and “effective” – and she joked “we do have a few dull and ineffective ones here too!”