Statue of Cobra-Headed Goddess

Em hotep all!

I attended the Ramses II exhibition at the Australian Museum today and noticed there two statues of Cobra-headed Goddesses with Jackal slippers (all the description said was that they were statues of a cobra-headed Goddess from the Ptolemaic period and lists Saqqara).

Hopefully the photos work, any ideas about these statues, who they could be? (Hopefully the images work)

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Second image didnt work, uploading that again

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My main guess would be Wadjet, but I am very puzzled by the Jackal slippers, they are amazing!


Now I want jackal slippers. Can I have jackal slippers?


Making jackal slippers would be difficult turn-shoes.

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I wonder if it is a mix of Egyptian and Greek style like “mermaid Anubis” (Anubis with a snake bottom half found in catacombs in Alexandria) was a mix of Egyptian, Greek and Roman.

Hermes and his winged shoes come to mind but I’m just speculating and haven’t a clue.

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Lol Jackal slippers would be awesome!


This is NOT my listing and I am NOT the seller!!! It only shows these SLIPPERS are easily made or reproduced, in Modernity!!! Just change the pattern colors and make UPRIGHT ears and the eye of Horus on the Jackal and away you go!

This is WADJET, the Cobra Headed Goddess: Wadjet - Wikipedia YES, the Greeks added all their own touches, as did the Romans…Let me give you an Example in MODERNITY… People make symbols of Christ, the Cross, Buddha or many other religions in VARIOUS stylized forms…There is no ONE standard set of HOW a God or Goddess MUST look. It is a personal relation with each person and the god. So they appear with all their perfections and imperfections. We see “Saints” dressed in all MANNER of raiment! I would think the Ancient Egyptians did the same with their BELOVED deities…They wore all manner of religious raiment. That would be as shallow as people from the past saying “Why are all statues of Buddha different in different regions?” the ancient would TOTALLY “get” it. Each town, village, Temple had their OWN version/design of the God/Goddess. Em hotep