Statue of Cobra-Headed Goddess

Em hotep all!

I attended the Ramses II exhibition at the Australian Museum today and noticed there two statues of Cobra-headed Goddesses with Jackal slippers (all the description said was that they were statues of a cobra-headed Goddess from the Ptolemaic period and lists Saqqara).

Hopefully the photos work, any ideas about these statues, who they could be? (Hopefully the images work)

[Uploading: 20240228_103046.jpg…


Second image didnt work, uploading that again

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My main guess would be Wadjet, but I am very puzzled by the Jackal slippers, they are amazing!

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Now I want jackal slippers. Can I have jackal slippers?


Making jackal slippers would be difficult turn-shoes.

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I wonder if it is a mix of Egyptian and Greek style like “mermaid Anubis” (Anubis with a snake bottom half found in catacombs in Alexandria) was a mix of Egyptian, Greek and Roman.

Hermes and his winged shoes come to mind but I’m just speculating and haven’t a clue.

Lol Jackal slippers would be awesome!

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