Sopdetmuti's Akhu

Bernard, Jules and Juliette, Léon and Marie-Louise, Hugo, Jean, André and Jospeh, my baby

Dear daddy, grandpa Jules and grandma Juliette, grandpa Léon and grandma Marie-Louise, uncle Jean, uncle André, Uncle Joseph, my nephew Hugo and my baby who was not born,

I love you ! Je vous aime.

Dad, I didn’t have time to know you, but your memory lives in me.

Grandpa Jules and grandma Juliette, grandpa Léon and grandma Marie-Louise, i know that you protect me and I thank you for your protection. I hope to learn how to be wise and patient thanks to you.

My nephew Hugo, you were the most marvellous and wise children. Your kindness was equal to your patience. Your parents were and are always proud of you. I am proud of you too. I am sure that your love radiates in the kingdom of Wesir.

My uncles, brothers of my mother, I remember Joseph and André, but I didn’t know Jean. Joseph, you left so quickly, last year.I was surprised by your hasty departure, I miss you.

Andre, the life was not tender with you. I wish you the joy in the kingdom of Wesir.

Jean, when you died, I was a baby. I do not remember your face, nor of your voice. But, you stay in my memory.

My baby, you were not born. But, at that time, your father and me we were not able to welcome you. In spite of this encounter missed, i keeps hope, to be able to take you in my arms, one day… my little angel.

Je vous aime tous, mes “akhu” !