Sonia and Bill Laurie

Hello Nana and Grandad!

Thanks so much for your love and support! I haven’t seen you for awhile- I hope the ginger beer and incense were okay.

Sunny could really do with your help right now and Bon too. Age has not been kind to them and they need lotsa love.

I had Mintoes and Fox Mints at Christmas- sorry I couldn’t leave you any, Mum was giving me funny looks as it is!!!

Please pass on my regards to Glenys and Elsie (and Auntie Ev, Uncle Tom, Aunti Audrey and Cousin Glenys).

Auntie Margaret isn’t well and Sibyl and Cliff either. It’s sad how that close knit group of friends has parted and met again.

Give Blackie and Prudence a special scratch for me and tell them that I love them very much.

As I love you all, miss you all and may all your snooker, pool and card games be good ones!!

Please safeguard me at work. I’m a bit scared right now.

hugs to all of you.

Tracy ‘carrot top’