Slowly returning....

Em hotep beautiful people,

I’m Jen, also known by my Shemsu name Tuteniaset. Please call me Tuteni. <3

I became a Shemsu in May of 2018 and was relatively active until 2020. A lot has happened in my personal life during the last 5 years, as I’m sure a lot has happened for many of you all as well. It’s been a worldwide rollercoaster ride. I won’t go into the details, but I sort of fell out of my practice for a time.

Slowly, I want to come back to my practice and back to this community. Especially now since there are big changes coming!

If you remember me and want to say hi, please do–I have missed you. If you don’t know me and want to say hi–please do!

Lots of love,



Welcome back Tuteni!

As you said, big changes happening (for the better), so it’s a good time to be returning to active :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Tuteni!

Senebty! :green_heart:

Em hotep and welcome back!

Em hotep and welcome back

Em Hotep and welcome back! :slightly_smiling_face:


So happy to see you back!


Em hotep and welcome back!

Tuteni! Oh, it’s been so long! I’m so happy to see you! Welcome back!! Totally chill if you don’t remember me, but I definitely remember you! So hello hello!!

:purple_heart: Taswau

Em hotep! Welcome back!

Hi there,welcome back,im actually new here too

Em hotep

Welcome back!

Rev. Tatuayinepu

Em hotep and welcome back! <3