Silverfox (Roy) & Grace

Em Hotep!

I miss you my friends of my father. I know you have visited and I thank you for coming. I am sorry about your house there is nothing I can do about it and I know how much it troubles you, Roy. I wish you both peace and you are never forgotten. I hold you both dear to me still.

Please watch over Gaelen although you have never laid eyes on him on this side you will know him by his bright smile and humor.

Silverfox, I still have the tie your gave me and I wear it whenever I need some luck. Thanx for seeing that it made it to me. Thanx for all the times you fixed my belonging and I forgot to say thank you.

Grace, thank you for teaching me that those who are without sight are never blind. It is because of you that I learned Sign Language and treat those with physical challenges like people. Grace, I wish I could have known you better. You would have really liked Seshenu (Shaori) my wife had you met her, you both have a lot in common.

Thank you both, please continue to stay close and keep us all safe. Thank you again. I miss you both so much