Senytmenu's Akhu

Composed for the Beautiful Feast of the Valley, 2007

Praise to the Akhu, the Blessed Dead,
Hail the Shining Ones, my ancestors.
You who have gone before me,
I thank you for who I am
And who I will become.

Praise to the Akhu in the Beautiful West
As gold in the Belly of Nut,
May I honor your names
And wear your mantle with respect.
You go where Gods cannot.

Praise to the Akhu, faithful companions
Standing in both worlds,
Your wisdom guides me if I but ask.
Behold and accept my offerings,
May they be pleasing to you.

Praise to the Akhu, loyal guardians,
Protect me on my path,
Drive out evil before me
And light my way,
Until we meet again in the Field of Reeds.