Senyt-Menu's Akhu

Em hotep,

I would like to submit this letter honoring my known and unknown Akhu on this day of the Procession of the Netjeru to Abdju:

For my Akhu, shining as gold in the vault of Nut: may I wear your name with honor, may I carry your mantle untarnished. I thank you for who I am and who I will become. I am grateful for your guidance in the past and ask that it may continue. I invite you to communicate with me that I may come to know you better. I name and honor you now and always:

Wesir Ralph Novello
Wesir Lillian Novello
Wesir Eugene Ringoot
Wesir Jane LeCoultre Ringoot
Wesir Marcel Louis Ringoot
Wesir Henri Ringoot
Wesir Eugene LeCoultre
Wesir Adele Hirschy LeCoultre
Wesir David LeCoultre
Wesir Andre LeCoultre
Wesir Marthe LeCoultre Windandy
Wesir Charles Windandy
Wesir Doraine Buyck
Wesir Robert Buyck
Wesir Ginger Lara Kern Nyerges

And for all my unknown Akhu: may Netjer grant you all good things upon which a spirit might live. Ma’a heru.

Much love,