Hey Sari,

It’s been five years and I still can’t think of you without an ache in my heart. I miss you so much. It’s funny, so many humans that I loved have died during the past few years, and I miss them and grieved their passing, but your death is still the wound that just won’t heal. I’d never wish you back…I know you were sick and that it was time for you to go…in fact, I know you stayed longer than you should have just to take care of me…but I still miss you so. I know also that you led me to Bowie that day, three months after you had to leave. He’s a sweetie and a blessing, and I sometimes feel so guilty when I miss you, but I guess missing you doesn’t mean I don’t love him. It’s just that you were such a part of me, and though you were only a dog, you took care of me much more than I took care of you. I know you are at peace in the West now (even though I also know you’ve been “back” a few times), because how could there be any kind of “heaven” without you there? Thank you for the unconditional love and friendship you gave me, and please be there to greet me when I come. There are many loved ones I want to see again, but you know you’ll be the first one I look for. Be happy my dear friend.

Your “Mom”