Robert Ervin Howard

To the Wesir Robert Ervin Howard, the Justified, shining like gold in the vault of Nut, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of his birth:


For the guardianship, the endless encouragement, the vision you have provided to a fellow aspiring writer, I offer my thanks. Though we are not of the same blood, that same love of freedom and the written word beats in my heart as it did yours. You have taken my under your wing and joined the number of my Akhu of your own will, and I answer your call with praise and offerings, that you and yours meet with prosperity and peace in the bountiful West.

I knew your works long before I knew of you, but when I, struggling to understand the nature of my calling and craft, chanced upon your saga at 16, a spark of recognition passed then between my nascent writer-soul and the spirit of your own work and life.

Time and again it is the memory of you, the enjoyment gained from your works, and, since I commenced to make offerings in your name, your own working through the veil of the Unseen in dreams and other instances that has kept me strong in my faith and pulled my ambitions from the maw of Hell countless times.

Fellow scion of this red land of Texas, son of storm, in whose voice was the lightning and the whirlwind, know that your life, grown near to legend, inspires and strengthens the will of at least one like-minded soul. Be at peace, mighty one, and find eternal repose in the West as is your due.

Honor and glory be heaped upon your name.

In truth,

Lisa V. Tomecek
Sat Set her Ra-Heruakhety
Meryt Heru-wer her Yinepu-Wepwawet