Returning Home

Em hotep!

I’m Sedjni, I first joined the House back in late 2016 so I’m not quite a newcomer! Sadly I haven’t been very active for some time due to many goings on in my life, both spiritual and non-spiritual in nature. Recently I’ve felt a strong calling to come back and reconnect. Now I’m in a much more stable place overall in life, I certainly feel ready to return and hopefully be more active here and in the Discord!



Em hotep and welcome home

Em hotep and welcome back!

Welcome home!

Welcome back, Sedjni!


Em hotep and welcome back! :slightly_smiling_face:

Em hotep! Welcome back!

Welcome back! :heart:

Em hoteo and welcome back!

Thanks for coming back! Us beginners need experienced voices

Em hotep, and welcome back!

Em hotep and welcome back, I joined around the same time you did <3