Returning At Long Last

Em Hotep, all!

I now go by Kat. I’m non-binary.

I’m a remetj returning after a very long hiatus. (Currently I’m working to get my remetj access restored on these forums)

I took the beginners class and became a remetj back in 2012, but it’s been about 9 years that I’ve been inactive, so I missed when the forums moved from the old ones to here. I ran off, ended up in a traditional witchcraft… tradition, and wound up doing a lot of growing up and developing myself.

But the Netjeru are calling me back to them, and I’m looking to reconnect with community.


Welcome back, Kat!

Welcome back! <3

Welcome back! There have been many changes over the years, of course, but the love we share with Netjer remains the same :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!