Returning after a long time

Em hotep.

Its been a while since I left the house many years ago, but now I feel it is time to return to Heru-wer. I was given the name Khamheru, and divined son of Heru in 2015. I’m aware there has been many changes while I was gone, but I would like to keep up to how things are now. I’m kinda lost, now. I’m from Brazil, and I’m 27, pronouns he/him. How can I participate on rite/hangout chats? I remember to use Irc back then, but now I don’t how how it works. Thank you, and have a nice time of the day


em hotep and welcome back Khamheru
we still use IRC and now Discord app as well. I am sure some more tech savvy people will be able to help.

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Welcome back, Khamheru!

You might find the discord easier, I’ve since forgotten how the IRC even works.


Em hotep, welcome back!

Em hotep!

Nice to meet you, and welcome back!
If you want to connect to the Discord and haven’t done so yet, there’s some instructions here on how to do it!