Resources on Sia/Saa

I am a fan of how we perceive our world as individuals and the perspectives we build in our minds. Because of my interests, I came across Sia as one of the few deities in the world that is specifically mentioned as embodying perception. And that’s about the limit of what I’ve found out there! Besides the few texts talking about their role with Hu and Atum which seem to be analogues for Heka and Ra, respectively, and also their role as a recorder of mythic events and role in several utterances.

So I have a few questions like,

1.) Is the personification and deification of Sia outside the scope of Kemet Orthodoxy?
2.) Is there an analogue of Sia in Thoth and others that are similar in the scope of their qualities and traits? Is Sia even a Name or just an aspect of creation?
3.) Are there any good books or studies done that are fairly well known and celebrated about Sia/Hu/Heka?
4.) And this might be answered in question 3, but is there any particular reason why there seems to be an abscence of a temple or worship of Sia specifically when the other two beings on the solar barque seem to have gotten a lot of attention?

I’m pretty new to Kemetology in general, so I do apologize in advance if some of these questions have been asked before or explained in details that I just haven’t been able to pull up in my limited research and exploration yet. I’m just really intrigued by the mystery that there’s this other associate of primal aspects who was either forgotten, didn’t have any surviving or discovered artifacts, or even was omitted for some reason early in the development of other kemetic systems.

Any help is much appreciated and I thank you all in advance for reading this and sharing whatever you will with me!

Em Hotep Rado

I don’t have all the answers for you, sadly, but I will share what I know, and hopefully those with more specific knowledge can share more. I am also traveling for the holidays right now, so I don’t have access to my library of books that might have more resources :frowning:

Sia is not solely outside Kemetic Orthodoxy, we worship the gods from across Ancient Egyptian times, and Sia (and Hu) were certainly known and worshiped then, so we do as well. They are both “lesser known” Names of Netjer, so not everyone will recognize Them, but They are loved :heart:

I don’t know about connections with Djehuty (Thoth), but I don’t know that they don’t exist. Sia, Hu, Heka, and Ma’at (collectively Ra’s four eternal guardians) are all concepts and deities both.

I don’t know of any books in particular, but there are a number of books that are encyclopedias of gods that may or may not list Them, depending on how deep into the “lesser knowns” the book goes. I do know that the currently-being-printed CEED (Complete Encyclopedia of Egyptian Deities) by our founder Rev Tamara Siuda has a section on Them, for instance.

Sometimes, during different periods of time, different Names received more attention than Their counterparts. Why? I suspect mostly human nature, including politics. Temples cost money, both to run and to build, and some Names of Netjer just got more attention than others. Even during modern times, this still happens, I personally connect with a handful of Names better than Others, and thus They are Who my time and efforts go towards. Other people connect with other Names better, and through the Kemetic Orthodoxy faith, there are going to be “clumps” :slight_smile: The good news is, Netjer understands :smiley:

Hope I helped!