Em hotep! I’ve been missing in action quite a while now but in my heart, I never left. Netjer has always been with me even if I stopped listening.

The truth is that I was way happier when I was active in the House and I’d like be here again. This is an interesting time for the House and I’d like to see what happens.

So hello everyone! My nickname is Meza and I’m happy to be back.


em hotep and welcome back!

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Em hotep! Welcome back, and pleased to meet you.

Rev. Tatuayinepu

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Em hotep and welcome back, Meza!


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Em hotep! Welcome back!

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Meza! RPD anniversary buddy! It’s good to see you. Been wondering how you were.


Siwy! I’m glad you’re still here! I’ll always cherish our experience at Tawy House getting our RDP done together on that weekend.