Reintroducing Myself

Em hotep!

I’m Bawysudjawi and I’m a former member who has come back to the forums. In 2018, I was divined the first child of Set & Heru-wer in K.O. history. I’m debating whether I’ll rejoin the House but I just wanted to see what is going on around here these days (new forums!!!).

Anyway, I’m 27 years old, very queer, alterhuman, horror fanatic, etc. Aside from being Kemetic, I am looking into heathenry (specifically the Urglaawe branch as it has quite a bit to do with my own akhu as a bunch of them became Pennsylvania Deitsch and I connect to that group of akhu a lot for some reason). My attention is a little more on that these days while I research and think deeply about what to do.

I can’t promise I’ll be active but I’ll be lurking at the very least.

Edit: I left the house in 2020, shouldn’t I be listed as a guest instead of shemsu?


Welcome back!

Em Hotep and welcome back :slight_smile:

Em hotep and welcome back!

Welcome back!