Recently passed


To Mary,

You go now to the realm of Wesir, and moved on from this life.
I did not know you well, for there were many years we were not in touch.
What I did know of you though was more than enough to say that I love you.
That I will miss you, and that I know you are missed and loved by many others,
those who yet walk under the sun.
I knew not how to respond to my parents, when they told me the news,
but my silence to them doesn’t mean I don’t care. I simply can’t find the right words.
You gave your all for everyone you were around; your husband, your son, his wife,
and the many cousins, nieces, and nephews you had, myself included.
I will cherish the memories we shared, the time we had.
I may not have known you well, but I still loved you, and I will still miss you.
Go well, Mary

Senebty and dua Akhu!