Question about the beginner course?

Hello everyone ,

I have applied for the beginner course but still didn’t hear back about the date.

Has the course started or not yet?


Em hotep, Ahmed!

I do know the Temple has moved from 3 classes a year down to 2 to provide a bit more spacing and give our instructors a bit of a break, so there may be a bit longer of a wait until the next class. The last class concluded I believe mid-November.

Rest assured if you’ve sent in an application, there will be a response at some point with the corresponding details. I’ll see if I can obtain any updates sooner, but it may still be a couple of weeks for an updated timeline. There are some people on leave (including Hemet who is on Sabbatical).

You are not forgotten, that is the important part :slight_smile:

~ Nesi
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Em hotep Nesieepwawet

Thank you :pray:t4:

I know i am excited and can’t wait to start my journey

I also appreciate your support and the work you all do for our community :pray:t4:

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Hello! I read this and decided to check my email for an email update about the course. About 4 days ago (3 days after you posted this) I received an email that I would have otherwise missed. It gave me info about the class and an approx start date. I’m not sure if we can share that info so I won’t repeat the exact info here but check your email :slight_smile: there is a date to reply by and its coming up soon!
I hope this helps you or anyone else who had similar questions. Thank you for posting this question, I really appreciate it.


Em hotep

Yes right . I got the same email
Thank you :pray:t4:

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