Pleasure to meet you!

Em Hotep everyone, my name is Salem! Ive been practicing spiritualism for years, thiugh a few years ago i felt a very strong pull to kemeticism, specifically Anubis. I had a divination done as well as a dream interpreted which lead me to fully devoting myself to Anubis. I’ve been performing daily devotions to him and the other Netjeri since, and ive had spectacular results. If i had known of this community previously id have joined in a heartbeat.

Now i just hope to make up for lost time. I cant wait to complete the beginners course and join you all as a full member soon!

Senebty, and I hope to learn so much from you all!


Em hotep and welcome!

Em hotep and welcome!

Enjoy your studies!

Em hotep!
Welcome in!


Em hotep and welcome! <3

em hotep and welcome


Em hotep! Welcome!

Em hotep! Welcome