Personal Practice

Since I don’t exactly know what all of the nuances are presently, I have been using what little I do know with what I feel is right to begin my personal journey with Kemet and the Netjeru.

Firstly, I honor Neith (Nit) and Anubis every day.
I have iconography of both at the moment, as well as a bead necklace (closest I could get to prayer beads) in both of their chief colors. Red for Neith and black for Anubis.
I acquired white shirts and pants for this.
I light incense, and have an offering bowl I put a small offering in every time I pray.
I pray to them; first with a personal prayer of how their guidance and motivation is moving me through the day, and of my hopes and such, then I proceed to some of the more “traditional” prayers that I’ve found online and hand copied into a journal I got just for this.
Then I pray to and thank my Ahku.
Then I conclude my prayers to Neith and Anubis and thank them for sharing the offering with me.

It’s simple, but I do it once a day, and there are several other small changes I’ve been making through my days with them in mind. Picking up Archery, for example, to honor Neith.

Am I doing anything egregiously wrong? I’m sure they understand that I haven’t yet been properly and completely guided on how to honor them daily, but I want to make sure I’m not committing any huge blunders either.

Today was the completion of week 1


That sounds like a lovely daily ritual for them! I think it’s pretty hard to do anything egregiously wrong when it comes to personal practice

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Em hotep. Nemyslim si že dělate něco špatně , zni to krasně . určitě jsou netjeru potěšeni co jste pro ně vymyslel.Nejde o to jak je modlidba dlouha nebo jakou date obětinu ,ale jak to udělate s laskou v srdci . Nemej obavy kdyby se jim netjeru něco nelibilo určitě by se ozvaly. Senebty Tashepsytamun

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I agree, what you are doing sounds wonderful!

Don’t forget to enjoy time with them outside of a structured shrine time and space, though. Enjoy the breeze blowing through the leaves as you go for a walk outdoors, enjoy time with friends who make you giggle with utter joy, enjoy life, and know it is a gift from Them.

Also, don’t be afraid to get to know other gods and goddesses, and invite them into sharing a relationship with you, you never know where it will lead!


That sounds great! I’m looking forward to getting a daily practice going once my shrine is set up, and honestly what you’re doing sounds about the same as what I have in mind for myself. I wouldn’t worry too much about offending the gods on accident during your worship, just do your due diligence to make sure you’re using appropriate symbols, phrases, offerings, etc. And, be open to the gods telling you to change something.

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I’m very new at this but it sounds lovely to me. I try to do something devotional a couple times a day, but it varies. Sometimes I pray, or read, or make offerings or write to the akhu. Or I look at the stars for Nut or call congress for Sekhmet. Different stuff. I like your ritual.


I think that is a great beginning!

I love that you said “call Congress for Sekhmet”!!! I do that for certain issues too- like getting the Big Cat Public Safety Act passed!