Papa Bob

I hope this finds you well in the afterlife. I am sorry I didn’t get as close to you as I could have. I struggled with our differences but I see now that for some of it you really just didn’t know any different. I remember our call before your surgery… We agreed it was all going to go well, you were excited almost. I said I’d talk to you soon. I didn’t make it to the hospital before you officially passed, though my dad said you never really were back. It was a long, stormy 4 hour drive but it still kills me. We missed saying goodbye by 20 minutes. I am so sorry. I love you. I know you only wanted the best for your grandchildren. You saw the good in people, like my brother, when they wouldn’t show it to anyone else. You did so much more good in the world than I ever knew about.

We miss you, and love you.