Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims

None of you could have known when you left your homes for a night of dancing and fun that you would not come back. Every one of you had full and wonderful lives ahead of you but you were taken by an agent of Isfet, a man who was blinded by hatred and fear. You were all there to share love, pride, joy and carefree spirit and every single one of you made the world under the Sun a better place while you were here, but now you are over the Horizon, making that better too. Hethert’s tears wash away your fear and fill you with Her divine love, the same love your families and friends feel towards you. I am writing each of your names as they are released and so are many others around the world, the world mourns but we remember. You will not be forgotten so you will live forever. In the mean time, we’ll try our best to help your families, with prayer, magic, money, love and any way those of us still here to remember you can. You are in Wesir’s arms now, there is nothing to fear anymore. For the rest of us, we feel fear that we too will be ripped from our sunny land too soon by someone filled with hate, but if we stick together and remain strong, we can overcome this evil. I pray to Set to fill me with His strength, and I think of Him to help turn my formless rage into creative energy so I can be His strong and shining spear to protect my community, your community.