New Years Events

When do the events start and where can I find information on them

These are the Epagomenal days, and what Deity is born which day, and a link to the Aset Oracles:

Monday, July 31 - Wesir’s Day (aka Osiris)
Tuesday, August 1 - Heru-wer’s Day (aka Horus the Elder)
Wednesday, August 2 - Set’s Day
Thursday, August 3 - Aset’s Day (aka Isis)
Friday, August 4 - Nebthet’s Day (aka Nephthys)
Saturday, August 5 - Wep Ronpet (beginning of the new Kemetic year)

Check this website for the new year’s Aset Oracle:

Meanwhile, there are links to Aset Oracles of the previous years at this link.

Senebty! (Be well!)

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