New & Need Help


My names is Stevie I am 25 and have recently began studying K.O.

I am a bit confused on where to begin as it seems there are many places.

I just got accepted to the forum and just applied for the beginner class.

But for some reason my title is showing shemsu which I want to say is incorrect? Maybe I’m wrong but I thought that isn’t obtainable until after the beginner class.

Anyway I am studying all the gods and goddesses from George Rutledge’s book but Im unsure of what resources on the forum I should study while waiting on the beginner class.

Should I read “getting started” and “beginners lessons”?

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but also need some directing.

Thank you to all and I look forward to getting to know you.

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Em hotep!

I’d recommend waiting until the class itself to read the Beginner Lessons. There’s a lot of context taught in the class that go with the lessons, and “reading ahead” isn’t necessarily ideal. :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, as someone who recently graduated the class at the start of the year, I’d say just read in general and come ready to learn? There’s a link to recommended reading on the main site that’s been handy for me.

And for the odd Shemsu role assignment, @RevTjesi can help with looking into that! You should be able to email them at [email protected].


Whoops! Sorry about that Stevie! I spaced on that one. You are now set as a guest and should see only appropriate things.

@Alex.M thanks for including me!

Rev. Tjesi