New convert looking for help

Hello, my name is Dodds (nickname) I’m a new convert starting my path, I’m just really need some help I honestly don’t know where to begin any help would be greatly appreciated
I have a question for everyone would it be a bad thing to be a kemetic and listen to extreme metal music?

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Here is a good recommended reading list:

This one is especially good:
Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
By Wilkinson, Richard H, Thames & Hudson, 1992. ISBN 0-500-27751-6

Richard Wilkinson is a good author, his “Complete Gods and Goddesses” is quite good, too.

Links to more useful reads:

Books by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

That’ll get you started!

Enjoy your explorations!
Senebty! (Be well!)

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Thank you so much for recommendations

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You welcome!

Another one you might find useful:

Sekhmet’s Servant : Kemetic Daily Devotional:
Welcoming the gods into your day.

By Megan Zane

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Also, have you taken our free, online beginners course? That explains what we do here. You can apply for the next course at:

Rev. Tjesi

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I applied for the class just waiting to hear back on weather or not I got accepted or not


Welcome Dodds,

As has been said, the beginner’s course is our introduction of the religion and all the stuff you need to know. I’m not sure when the next one starts, so be patient, all good things in time. You are also welcome to look around on the forums and ask questions, so read and watch and learn and enjoy!

Me too! Maybe we’ll start together