My Unknown Akhu

Dear Blessed Dead: To my unknown ancestors and relatives. Especially the Africans. May you forgive me for not understanding things of African nature. I wholly can only relate to my native American relatives. I am still curious about you. I love you too, even though I don’t know you. Sometimes, I feel so alone. I look more African than Native, but I live in America. There is not much here to remind me of who I am. I just struggle with being happy a lot. I am sad now. I need your help. I feel like I am dying slowly of a broken heart. Only the Netjeru can mend this. I love you. I know life is beautiful there. I love you. Peace, Towana


Yes! Feeling the same here gaining knowledge of the lies I was taught I apologize for not knowing the truth and I’m still seeking truths. What is crazy is that I didn’t feel at home like others here in America with going to church nor felt close to the pastor that’s because it wasn’t my temple! I am here to learn and travel places to learn who I am