My story.

Ankh wedja seneb

I have just arrived and wanted to introduce myself, my name is Shepsetet and I am a young 63 year old woman.
My name was given to me during an intense dream when I was 18.
As a young girl I always had intense and vivid dreams about what I later found out was Ancient Kemet the dreams happened almost nightly. I was 6.
This created an almost obsessive desire to learn as much as I was able about Ancient Kemet, at 11 I began buying every book I could find and demanded books for birthdays etc.
It was like an illness the more I learned the more I wanted to know. My parents were never interested in religion of any sort so I was pretty much left to my own devices. However, I found myself becoming more frustrated about not being able to read the ancient words.
So I began to study the sacred hieroglyphs at 16 by the time I was 18 I was able to read and write them.
Just after my 18th birthday I received a significant windfall from an aunt who I barely knew. Within a few days I had booked a three week holiday to Kemet, my parents were horrified however, I had no fear.
Over the first two weeks I visited the temples, I was like a little girl in a toy shop. I spent hours and days studying the inscriptions I couldn’t stop, I remember thinking it was like heaven I had never been that excited before. It was then I had no doubt that I had found truth.
During the last week I booked an excursion to Philae, the sensation I felt as I entered was like nothing I had ever felt before.
After a while I sat in the shade eating my lunch that the hotel had prepared for me. I was soaking up the majesty of the temple when I felt someone sit down next to me. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and a feeling of warmth go through me.
Then the voice in my head said " you have found me daughter and know that I am with you always" when I turned there was nobody else there.
I travelled back to the hotel in an almost trance like state I was having difficulty understanding what happened.
That night I had the most intense dream I had ever had. I was sat cross legged on a rug under a tree a beautiful woman stood smiling at me she was shining. Although no sound came from her mouth the same voice was in my head. Shepsetet over and over again.
I changed my name very soon after getting back to the UK and I have been Shepsetet ever since.
I know know that the shining beautiful woman was Aset.
I live on my own and always have done. My spare room in my home I converted into a temple of Aset, Wasir and Heru it took me over a year to complete.
I allow few to enter, not because of some ideology but because they probably wouldn’t understand.
I conduct the ritual of awakening just before dawn and the ritual of thanks for my life and everything I have just after sunset.
When I am conducting the ritual of healing I am certain I can see Aset smiling at me, the feeling of love that surrounds me is almost overwhelming.
I know Aset is with me always, Heru comes to me when I need strength. Wasir comes when I am struggling with a difficult problem his wisdom is boundless.
I follow the laws of Ma’at at all times and willingly offer my assistance to anyone.
I am thankful to be here and look forward to sharing knowledge as even after 45 years there is plenty I still have to learn.
Well that is my story so far.
Go in peace and love.
May the Netjeru protect and guide you all.

Shepsetet xx


Em hotep and welcome

Em hotep and wecome!

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What a lovely experience

What a beautiful story. I’d love to go to egypt some day, and expirience this!

Welcome, I too hope to visit Egypt some day, but until then, I am happy to know more people who love the Netjeru!

Em hotep and welcome!


Thank you all for your welcome.
Kemet is a wonderful place, I return as often as possible in order to recharge my Heka.
As all in our faith I believe that Kemet is our spiritual home.
All glory and praise to the Netjeru.
Shepsetet xx

Em hotep, welcome!

Thank you!