My daughter, Pepita.

Hi, my little baby
I do not even know where to start writing … I thought about doing a short text, but I know myself and I know it will not happen so I’ll end up writing almost a Catholic bible.
I know it’s been almost 3 years since you’ve gone, but there is not a day when I do not remember you and the lack you make me (yes, I’m crying crazy again and you know it), but today I know that you have gone was better for you. It was already your age and you could not live any longer. But it still hurts me the most to remember that you’re not here.
I still sleep almost every day with your leash under your pillow, hoping to wake up and see that actually you have gone was just a bad nightmare and you’re banging your paws at my door to wake me up and take you back to bed where you go to sleep again because you just woke up to drink water.
But I know you and I know you would hate to see me like this, you would want to see me moving on … Even today it’s very difficult for me to be without you, so I adopted a creature you thought was hideous. Yes, I adopted a cat, and her name is Katarina, small, white and black, has a black spot on her muzzle, although her hair does not compare with her cuteness level, it’s very soft. The only problem is that her grandmother has now turned into a cat’s madwoman and adopted a whiteness in which we named her Risole (it was Mellody at first, but she did not answer, and when she looked small, she looked like a chubby sallow). and your grandmother already wants to adopt one more … or two … or eight cats (all with pre-defined names).
Mihage and Lili are fine. Lili does a lot less today (the last time she did, she ate the internet modem in the room), and Mihage is getting thinner.
And I went back to school. Not that this gets you out of my head, but it helps me get out of bed on weekends and open up my computer, since classes are taught Saturday and Sunday and I have had classes online. On the one hand it has helped me to socialize with other humans, and I have discovered that I like a lot of different things, like tinkering with chemistry (me and my room almost melted the table last week).
Anyway, I’ll stop writing because I only wrote this page but it cost me 2 hours crying while I tried to write.
I just want you to know that I will never stop loving you, and as long as I live I will not forget you for anything in life, my child.
Sleep well, my snowflake.