My Cousin Alex

Dear Alex,

I’m so sorry for what transpired the last I saw you. When I walked into Grandma’s house and saw you sitting in the corner, I honestly did not recognize you. I hesitated, and wasted an opportunity to greet you as beloved family. I feel regret that I did not recognize you immediately, but that I recognized Jake for the obvious reason of his height and recognizable features. You had changed so much it seemed to me. I regret this very deeply, and even more so since that was the last I saw you alive in this world. I have missed you, and wished you were here. At the same time, I’m not sure you would have wanted to see what’s happened to our family since then. I have a feeling you know both sides, not being restricted by mortal confines anymore. I can’t say whether you would side with me or my mom or anyone else. I wish I would have known you better. I feel like I was a weird, mischevious little brat when we did know each other. As the years have gone by since your passing, I wonder if you’ve been watching over things, over me. I pray that you passed safely to wherever you are now, be it Duat or otherwise. If all of what I’ve been looking into turns out to be true, I pray that you passed judgement and now reside in Duat. I pray that the gods judged you fairly and that you are at peace. Please, Alex, forgive your foolish little cousin. I did not mean for what transpired between us. I wish I could visit your resting place but alas, I’m so far away. Please, look upon our family and bless them in your way. You left us so suddenly. I think you know I pass no judgement on that aspect. I just miss you and have some questions.

May the gods bless and keep you in Duat. I hope to see you again one day.