My aunt, Ruth Haas

Dear Ruth

It has been approx. 4 years since you died. Everything has changed since then and nothing is the same.

You were special to all of us and we loved you dearly.

The sad thing about your funeral was that everyone (except me, my parents and my grandmother) was just there for the food they got afterwards.

Speaking of food, I miss the all early christmas dinner you made… I also miss the food you made in summer when we came around for dinner and you made potato salad. My favorite kind with bell peppers and that good creamy sauce.

There were a lot of changes, I got a boyfriend who loves me dearly, Erika has lost her dog but will have two parakeets soon. Silvia doesnt care in the slightest about us anymore and I’m into witchcraft again and Kemeticism. I learned a lot from your books about witchcraft and I think your spirit enchanted my tarot cards, I’ve been getting a lot of good readings lately that make sense… Your energy has cleansed my cards. Or you have taught me the craft well. Or I’m a natural talent, I have always been according to your standards.

I miss you and I wish you wouldnt have died all of a sudden from an aneurysm… You were still young and you didnt deserve this… Your widower is off with another woman and your children are safe from him. They live on their own I believe and we have contact to them.


Vanessa (Ness)