Miss MJ

Miss MJ, you changed my life. You taught me more than almost anyone I’ve ever known. Nowadays, when I speak about you, I call you my aunt because of how close we were. I miss helping you with your garden and talking to you. You were always so funny, and you had one of the most beautiful Ka I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You made me feel wanted and loved like no one else. I hope sincerely that you watch over me from the field of reeds, that you know all of the things that I want to tell you. I know that you are in a safer place now, that leukemia harms you no longer, but I miss your presence in my physical life. I pray that the nejeru have been kind to you, that your heart stays as light as it was when I knew you. I love you miss MJ and I’m sorry that I never got to say it. You are a part of my family and I miss you every day. I hope all of the blessings for you and I hope you know how much you meant and still mean to me.