Dear Mary,

Words cannot express how I felt when I found out you traveled west. You had a difficult life raising two young daughters after Gail passed, then having to raise your grandson and granddaughters while continuing to practice nursing. Everyone spoke kindly of you, as they should…you were and still are the glue that holds so many families together.

I fondly remember you teaching me how to ride and care for horses when I was about 7 years old, and that one particular 4th of July when mom and Jane thought they were lighting fireworks on your golf course…which ended up being quartersticks of dynamite and blowing mounds of dirt into the air ;). I miss those birch trees out in the front yard, and singing into one of the fireplace pokers while listening to terrible music, I think it was New Kids, ugh ;).

And the fighting cousins. I can’t think of a time where Ashley, Becky and I didn’t fight about some minor thing for almost the entire visit…and then cry because we had to leave. I miss those days. About Becky, I ask that you help her get back on her feet. I don’t know if she’ll ever turn around, but they way she’s going, she’ll never see her son again.

It feels weird writing this, because you know, and I know, but this may help me get over the shock that I still feel when thinking back upon that day when mom called to tell me that you couldn’t be revived. The Reedy’s will always be close, because we have to…for many reasons…but again, without you many of the family would have broken off.

I love you.