Mamie Crowley-Watson

You always thought so much of me, probably more than I did or ever will. I wish I had returned the favor when I had the chance. I have wonderful memories, but I also have so many more lost oppurtunities. You were more than kin, more than an elder, more than an ancestor, to me and the whole family, and to everyone around you.

You were, and still are, an example to live up to. I could never be the person you were forced to be, and I hope what blood of yours is in my veins can flow with the same power. You said it yourself, though: it is time for rest.

You are forever with me, in my thoughts and my heart, and in my actions, and in the eyes of every wonderful person. The greatest honor we can give is the honor at the time of death… may you be remembered for eternity, may your new life be blessed and peaceful. We miss you.

Until we meet again,
Christopher Sauls
October 17, 2003