Louivy Bare

hello brother, you’ve touched the hearts of so many people while you were here…the great fighter/survivor who laughed at death. you are a great inspirtion and you fought death throughout life…you are my hero.

know this dear brother, i understand why you left us…the pain in this body became too much and it’s OK that you went. isn’t it a huge thing that both our Cherokee culture and my new kemetic beliefs believe that the western land is the gateway to the spirit rhealm? There are so many commonalties between the two.

your girls are growing up to fast…and your wife remarried soon after your death. I think that the pain of loosing you was too much for her. It was really hard on mom…her baby died at 37. I think that my strong belief in reincarnation helped me a lot.

I know that you’re happy and you guide your baby brother so that I don’t really mess up. The Goddess blessed me with having such a fine brother. your heart was so good in this life. in this i take comfort in knowing that the Gods judged you kindly.

one more thig deany…i miss you. i look forward to seeing you again…

-Ankem (Joe)