Lorrie Ann Lacy

Dearest Sister,

You are greatly missed by your children and family. You brought such joy and happiness to my life and yet sometimes such pain. You were like my own child, having raised you yet not given birth to you.

I wish you were here now to help me with the business. I will be moving into a retail space shortly after your birthday. I plan to name my jewelry line after you, Lorrie’s Fashions or something like that. You’ll have to help me with that.

Well, sister, I really miss hearing your voice on the phone or having you come over for breakfast so we could talk. You’re there with everybody having a ball and probably bossing everyone and changing everything around.(smile) I miss you more than I can describe here and my heart is so heavy with loss. Take care of my son Bill and y’all be good til I get there.

The Big Kahuna,