Looking for HoN people in Texas

Specifically in Houston since that’s where I live, also, I am considering possibly moving to Arkansas due to the very affordable rents there despite the units having luxuries like AC and built-in washer/dryer lol…so is there anyone there too? Mind you that decision is not set in stone in my life yet, my primary concern is my area in Texas for now.

Curious because maybe we can be IRL friends and meetup sometimes.

Pads over I ish the local Houston-area active temple member (well, the one who doesn’t shut up most times XD). We do have a few others in the area, but they’re a lot quieter than I am AFAIK. We do have a sizable collection of people around the state, it’s just a matter of coordinating schedules, budgets, and such.

That’s amazing!! It’s so great to meetcha!! <3