Looking for family

Anyone here in the DMV area?

Washington DC
Waiting for a beginners class to start!!
I would love to connect and learn

Em hotep!

I sent this information via PM, but realized you had a post here as well and others may find it helpful.

We do actually have several members and priests in the DMV area (myself included). However, we are not currently doing in-person gatherings due to the ongoing pandemic. Being a non-profit and fully volunteer organization, we do not have any funding for physical Temple spaces or full time employees. As a result, our in-person gatherings are typically at private residences and open to members-only. Pre-pandemic, we would offer meet-and-greets at public locations such as the museums in downtown DC. This is something we may be able to resume again later this year.

You can apply for the Beginners’ course online at any time. However, do note that our upcoming class is already full. Applications received now will be for our next class starting in the July or August timeframe.


Oh ok I did the application 2/15 And good to know your close