Looking for a Place to live

I am at odds with my family because they are old fashioned Christian and think that if you are not a Christian you need to be saved end of story. I am wanting to find a new to place to live. I am also an aspie that truly is more comfortable around pagans than Christians.

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Em hotep, Marenbast!

I am sorry you are struggling in your current Christian household, I know how difficult that must be.

I would recommend checking in your local community online resources for opportunities to move out, potentially with roommates considering the cost of housing out there if that’s a deciding factor. There are usually more common resources that each region uses when it comes to housing (Craigslist is quite common where I live, Kijiji is more common in other areas).

I have seen a lot of people in various areas looking for more progressive, LGBTQ-friendly, mental-health-friendly, spirituality-friendly, etc. spaces and people, so I think you may be surprised what you can find. There are so many people struggling with housing these days that you it is highly likely you will be able to find like-minded individuals also looking for new housing situations with roommates.

With so many issues in the world right now, lots of people are trying to band together to support one another.

Wepwawet, wep em wawet (Wepwawet, open the way) so that you may find everything you need.

~ Nesi
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