Long-Overdue Introduction

Hello from all of us here in the Sirius Cluster.

This introduction is long overdue, our apologies, but we were part of the recently graduated 61st Beginners’ Class. We had a great time and learned lots, though unfortunately had to take a bit of a step back from regular shrine work recently due to ongoing health issues, hence why it’s taken a bit longer than we’d like to get properly involved.

Onto the actual introduction now: we are a plural (also known as multiple) system collectively known as the Sirius Cluster, though within the spaces of Kemetic Orthodoxy, we are happy going by the singular identity of Lune and being referred to as such :smile: She/They pronouns work for us as a whole.

I’ve been a practicing Kemetic since August 2018, primarily working with Nit-Nebthet-Seshat, both as a whole and in their singular forms as Nit, Nebthet, and Seshat. Other Names that regularly show up for us also include Sopdet, Ra-Horakhty and Heru-Wer (these two were the main push for getting me into Kemetic traditions in the first place), Yinepu and Wadjet. I’d been eyeing Kemetic Orthodoxy ever since I learned about it in 2018, but I didn’t feel quite ready to join until September 2021, when Seshat started indicating it would be a wise idea. It’s been quite a journey so far, but wonderful in so many ways, and I’m glad we’re finally moving onto a new chapter within our spiritual life.

Other facts about us: we’re 26, currently residing in Australia and studying for a PhD in psychology, and also have an academic background in zoology. Hobbies and interests include the natural sciences, bushwalking, birdwatching, drawing, painting, reading, playing video games (RPGs and Hack and Slashers being a favourite), and watching anime with our partner. We’re also active in many alterhuman and similar communities, and the history of that community and branch of identities is also quite interesting to us as well.

Looking forward to meeting all of you. Senebty.

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Em hotep and welcome

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Em hotep and welcome, Lune! It’s nice to know other people who studied Zoology /o/ I’m also getting to know Nebt-het and (Ra-)Heruakhety. They’re quite lovely.

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Welcome! Thank you for sharing this information. <3
Rev Tjesi

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Welcome Lune!


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Em hotep and welcome, Lune!


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Thank you all for the warm welcomes!

@kallirrhoe Oh, it’s good to see another fellow in zoology o/ Do you have any interests in the field in particular? We’re pretty fond of the behavioural ecology side ourselves ^^
They’re also very lovely Names in our experience too :smile: I wish you well on your journey with Them.

I love any bird-related topic, honestly :heart: My program was very evolutionary biology focused and I learned to enjoy it as well.

They’re also very lovely Names in our experience too :smile: I wish you well on your journey with Them.

Thank you!

Em hotep and welcome!